This is with reference to the current offensive taking place in Swat and the impending humanitarian crisis in its wake. Pakistan's cup of woes was already full; a sickly economy, endemic poverty and an unstable government. The last thing we needed was the country going to war. This war being fought is for the survival for this country, not to please any international superpower. But this is the utmost that can be done for the international super powers. It is, therefore rich of them to claim that "Pakistan should do more". That is a most unreasonable demand considering these Taliban were originally created and dumped by the Americans during their war against Soviet Union in the eighties. As for the humanitarian crisis, the government and international organisations like the United Nations should do the utmost they can do in collaboration. The crisis management in Pakistan, it has to be said here, is bad if the earthquake of 2006 is anything to go by. I pray for the Swat valley to be cleansed of the evil Taliban. Once we are successful in doing that, the major test of our character would be how we rehabilitate the people of Swat. As we know, this guerilla war has had a very drastic impact on the infrastructure of the valley. -AMINA KHALID, Lahore, via e-mail, May 18.