Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif said the nuclear system of Pakistan safer than any other country in the world. Addressing a ceremony on the occasion of Youm-e-Takbeer, he said the nuclear arsenal is safe under the command and control system. Nawaz said, When India tested its nukes, then I decided to do the same and directed then army chief Jahangir Kramat to prepare for the nuclear tests. We got very short span of time; however, we gave a very befitting response to Indian tests and now no one can dare attack on Pakistan, he said adding the date of tests was kept secret as there were reports from across the border that preparations were underway to attack the test venue. Nawaz Sharif said he received several phone calls from US presidents and other world leaders; but, he remained adamant that it was the matter of honour and defence of Pakistan, adding after the tests, Indian tone changed. Vajpai, then India premier came to Pakistan and visited Minar-e-Pakistan, he added. The PML-N chief said, We were heading towards peaceful solution of Kashmir issue; but, the Kargil event and the armys venture into the government messed everything. Pakistan always flourished in the democratic eras, he said adding the dictators have always caused problems for Pakistan; but, it is sorry state of affairs that a dictators 17th amendment is still the part of the constitution. Nawaz said PML-N extends unconditional support to the government for Charter of Democracy implementation. Nawaz observed that the weapons have never been the criterion of national honour; for this, many other sectors including education, judiciary and economy would have to be taken in consideration. PML-N chief urged the government to adopt a strong policy over drone attacks. On this occasion, he congratulated the nation saying this day will always remain a golden day in the history of Pakistan.