LONDON (Online) - The UK and Pakistan are discussing a deal under which the Pakistan Navy could acquire up to three Type 42 Batch 3 destroyers following their retirement from the Royal Navy (RN), Janes Defence has learnt. Meanwhile, Pakistan is conducting a separate dialogue with the US regarding the availability of additional FFG 7 frigates, as the Pakistan Navy looks to recapitalise a large part of its surface combatant force through second-hand acquisitions. The PN frigate force currently comprises six ex-RN Type 21s constituting the 25th Destroyer Squadron. Transferred between 1993 and 1994, these ships have undergone significant modernisation since transfer. , but all are now over 30 years old and becoming increasingly difficult to support. Pakistan also has four F22P frigates on order from China with the first, Zulfiquar, due to be accepted into service later this year.