KARACHI - The Planning Commission has revised down the Sindhs share to Rs14 billion from Rs18 billion for development schemes in federal Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) of current financial year 2008-09, official sources told The Nation. The federal government during APCC meeting that was held last week in Islamabad, had indicated for downward in provinces share in PSDP of this year, official said. A senior official of Planning and Development Department of Sindh said that the Sindh government showed reservations over further reduction in its share in federal funded projects. The construction work on at least 55 development schemes were under process since a decade. Major schemes have taken much time than original period of completion due to slow release of funds from federal govt, official said. A senior official of Planning and Development Department pointed out that federal government allocates meager amount on annual basis for the mega projects which are important for Sindh province. Official said the meager allocation of funds for federally funded PSDP projects resulted in delay of completion and increase in cost of projects due to price hike. Furthermore, the slow release of funds caused further delay in completion of these important projects, he said. Putting an example, official said that various projects such as Right Bank Outfall Drain (RBOD), Revamping of Canals and Distributaries, Rehabilitation of Irrigation System in Sindh and other federally funded mega development schemes costing billion of rupees have not been completed yet due to minor allocation of few million rupees on annually basis by federal government. Out of revised share of Rs14 billion, the federal government has released only Rs7.5 billion during ten months (July to April) for 55 development schemes being run under PSDP of current FY2008-09 in Sindh, official said. When The Nation contacted to a senior official of Planning Commission, who was in Karachi on Wednesday, he said the federal government has not only reduced the share of Sindh in PSDP, but share has been decreased of almost of the four provinces in revised estimate. He said that due to financial crunch, the federal government revised downward the PSDP share of provinces during current fiscal year. However, official sources confirmed that important projects such as feasibility of Keti Bandar, CNG buses for Karachi and other cities of the province, Karachi Circular Railway and other projects have not been included in proposed PSDP of upcoming FY2009-10. The Sindh government strongly protested over non inclusion of above mentioned project of Sindh in proposed PSDP of next fiscal year, official said. Sources said that the Sindh government has also raised the issues of slow release of funds by federal government with President Asif Ali Zardari during his meetings in Karachi.