It is disappointing to note the approach being advocated through the media to address the humanitarian crisis arising from the military operation being carried out in the Malakand division. Funds, volunteer workers and relief camps for helping the displaced people are not the solution to the problems of displaced people of Swat. How can one believe that the crisis can be resolved simply by raising funds to feed and clothe the IDPs when the military continues to bomb and destroy houses, schools and market places in Swat and its adjoining areas, resulting in influx of ever more refugees to the camps? The solution lies, not in focusing on relief work but addressing the root cause of this humanitarian crisis. That is the military operation launched by the PPP government. It is time that a peaceful political campaign is run and is supported by all to politically challenge the government and force it to stop killing its own people. The people of Swat need political support that guarantees the return of normalcy and peace in their region, not funds. -MOEZ MOBEEN, Islamabad, via e-mail, May 18.