On May 14,Fox News reported that the US has got a comprehensive plan to infiltrate into Pakistan and secure its nuclear arsenal if there appeared any possibility of the country falling under the control of Taliban. Reportedly the operation would be conducted by Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) - a component unit of the Special Operations Command, which got its birth on Dec 15, 1980 in the wake of the failure of Operation Eagle Claw and has got a history of conducting highly classified operations. Besides hunting down terrorists in Afghanistan, the JSOC is said to have got another important mission of securing Pakistan's nukes. What followed hard on the heels of this news was a report by the analysts of the Institute for Science and International security (ISIS) that Pakistan is expanding nuclear sites as part of the effort to bolster the destructive power of its atomic arsenal. Satellite photos have also been issued to give credence to this claim. Moreover, the ISIS says that as Pakistan army is waging a war against Taliban militants in the northwest, so the security of its nuclear assets remains in question. If we have a non-partisan approach and candid analysis of the situation, it comes out loud and clear that all this is a part of the game to create panic, horrify the international community about Pak nukes and translate the heinous objectives of encroaching the nuclear sovereignty of Pakistan into reality. But this is a fantastic scheme. Pak nukes are not placed in open air under any shed without any custody that JSOC will come into action and take control of them. They have been secretly protected. Despite making efforts to monitor the whereabouts, the US intelligence agencies cannot for the life of them trace all the sites of the storage of nukes in Pakistan. This has also been conceded by the CIA director Leon Panetha that the US does not know the location of all of Pakistan's nuclear weapons. Most importantly, a fully vigilant army is there to safeguard nukes, and foil any mischevious attempt in this regard. Interestingly, the US intelligence agencies have not got any impressive record of doing things. They badly failed to pre-empt the 9/11; they are running around in circles to capture Osama bin Laden and they have failed to track down the links of terrorists. It is a stupidity of the highest order to think that JSOC and US intelligence agencies, which have failed to control the nuclear program of Iran at its infancy stage, will be capable enough to undo the nuclear sovereignty of Pakistan-a fully fledged nuclear state. If wishes were horses, beggars might ride. To expect from US intelligence agencies, which are writhing with embarrassment after repeated failures to change the regimes in Iran and North Korea, that they will locate Pakistan's nuclear sites and enable the JSOC to carry out operation is chimerical. Where was the JSOC ,when North Korea on different pretexts at various periods of time violated the US-sponsored nuclear disablement agreements and carried out missile experiments. America is facing stark failure in Afghanistan. Where is the JSOC? Why it has failed to exterminate the Taliban factor, when the US soldiers are obliged to commit suicides out of failure and frustration. The New York Times has reported that Taliban are using US manufactured arms against American troops. Why the JSOC and intelligence agencies have failed to preempt the leakage of arms from Afghan forces to the Taliban. The point of fact is that the US is entirely baffled at this time and acting out of desperation. The glaring example of this is that it is blowing hot and cold nowadays. Even the US president does not seem to have thinking of his own and is parroting the line of anti-Pakistan lobbies. The writer suggests the US officials that they should stop worrying about Pak nukes and start taking care of their own country which is faltering, in a precarious condition and approaching the inevitable fate of collapse. As far as Pak nukes are concerned, Pak army is fully equipped and bright eyed in the context of putting the extremists to rout and securing its nuclear arsenal. The spectacular example is the ongoing operation in Pakistan. Pakistan army is getting success in the field in which the US-led NATO forces have miserably failed to achieve anything worthwhile. The US media, international institutes and so-called pundits or analysts have got a track record of creating hype, laying it on thick and raising ulterior speculations about sensitive issues to cater to the needs of certain powerful lobbies. Pakistan is a country of 170 million enthusiastic people and 620,000 strongly professional army, having the wherewithal to forestall the unholy objectives of its rival lobbies and forces. The writer is a foreign affairs analyst E-mail: irfanasghar99@yahoo.com