LAHORE - Panic gripped the City soon after the bomb blast targeting the City police headquarters, Rescue 15 Centre and nearby located ISI office at the Sharay Fatima Jinnah, commonly known as Queens Road, at 10:25 am. The horrifying sound of the blast caused by about 160 kilogram explosive material shock and jolted the people and caused extensive damage to the buildings, vehicles, shops and structure within one-kilometre radius of the site. The windowpanes of the nearby Ganga Ram Hospital were smashed, as the Rescue 15 Centre was flattened along with a nearby petrol pump while the headquarters of the City Police and ISI office were partially damaged. The windowpanes and doors of the Habib Bank and Alfalah buildings, Plaza Cinema, 90 Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, provincial offices of the Red Crescent, Nawa-i-Waqt and Khabrain offices and shops at Shahrah-e-Fatima Jinnah and Chairing Cross were also damaged. Similarly, the glasses at the Wapda House were also no exception. The fear and fright also resulted in closure of the St Anthony School four days which is located about 100 meters from the site of blast at the Lawrence Road. It is worth recalling that the school had undergone same ordeal and damage in the terrorist attack on the FIA Building, as it is situated just opposite of the federal agencys building at the Temple Road. Other schools and colleges in the provincial capital, particularly those in the vicinity, were also closed down after the attack. Not far away, at the Mozang and Temple Road frightful people came out in the streets, while women were seen crying and running as fast as they could to reach the schools to bring their children back home. People continued to throng the Plaza Chowk to see the rescue operation and removal of debris of the affected buildings. Police had to make repeated appeals to the people to disperse. The Sharay-e-Fatima Jinnah and Lawrence Road have been closed for removing debris of the dilapidated buildings and collecting evidences from the spot, while vehicular traffic has also been diverted to other arteries. Immediately after the terrorist attack, the relief camps set up at the nearby Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, The Mall, and Sharay Fatima Jinnah were closed down. A number of relief camps at the Regal Crossing, GPO Chowk and Anarkali were reduced to half. They also removed relief goods and stopped working. The relief camps at the Chairing Cross were completely shut down with canopies clamped down. And thus, there were no loudspeaker calls for donations and relief goods. Lahorites were active in sending relief goods to the IDPs holding begging bowls for collecting cash from the motorists driving through The Mall. But today there were no one there as if all of them had suddenly disappeared. Also, most of the shops and offices located at the Bustling The Mall were remained closed and traffic too was just a fraction of what we witness everyday except holidays. A relief worker told this correspondent it was obvious that the terrorist strike was a part of the series of the attacks in the past including the FIA Building, Manawan Police Training Centre, Liberty and GPO Crossing killing many innocent policemen and citizens. All the incidents were attributed to the extremism manipulated in the tribal belt of the northwestern parts of the country but now creeping into the main heartland, he added. He was clear in stating that the terrorists themselves claimed responsibility of such brutal actions, therefore, no one should express sympathy with them, which was unfortunately the case as some quarters were trying to gain political mileage just because of vested political interests. But the people in Punjab, particularly Lahorites, were standing side by side with the affected people of the Swat and adjoining areas by doing their utmost for the rehabilitating the IDPs.