America depends upon the Pakistan Army to emerge from the deepening quagmire in this region. America urgently desires that the Pakistan Army fight wholeheartedly in support of the US war of occupation and hegemony. However, America knows very well that the Muslims of Pakistan harbour a deep hatred for America and absolutely reject the American presence in the region. That is why our public is so opposed to launching their army for the sake of American interests. Moreover, there is a negative opinion within the Pakistan Army itself about America's war. All of which amounts to a great obstacle for America in getting essential military help from Pakistan. Thus it was necessary for America to create an atmosphere of chaos and fear so that Pakistani authorities launch military operations within Pakistan in panic. These operations on the one hand ensure that the Mujahideen who are fighting in Afghanistan against the American occupation will now turn their guns away from the real enemy, America, and on to their Muslims brothers of the Pakistan Army. On the other hand, these operations would also help conceal the real cause of the chaos in the region; the illegal American occupation of Afghanistan, which the Pakistani government fully supports by providing supply lines for weaponry, food and ordinance to the occupying forces of NATO. -ABDUL WAHEED JUTT, Lahore, via e-mail, May 16.