Cautioning North Korea to desist from provocative actions like nuclear tests and missile launch in violation of international law, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday said that there are consequences to such actions. The nature of such action by international community is currently being discussed and debated at the United Nations by all the key global powers, Ms. Clinton told reporters at the State Department. "There are consequences to such actions," she said charging North Korea of abrogating the obligations it entered into through the Six-Party Talks. "And it continues to act in a provocative and belligerent manner toward its neighbours". She said that discussions were going on in the United Nations to add to the consequences that North Korea would face coming out of its latest behaviour. Ms. Clinton was satisfied with the action of international community, including China and Russia, in setting forth a very specific condemnation of North Korea and then working for a firm resolution going forward. At the same time, she hoped that there would be an opportunity for North Korea to come back into a framework of discussion within the Six-Party process, and would begin to see results from working with them toward denuclearization that would benefit the people of North Korea, the region, and the world.