LAHORE - After the attack on the police emergency response headquarters, Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik told the mediamen on Wednesday that the Provincial Police Officer and Home Secretary had been apprised of the security threats some days ago. On the other hand, Secretary Home Department Nadeem Hassan Asif has maintained that in a communique from the Federal Government, there was no specific mention of any target. Rehman Malik further added that an important building (not specified) was the target of the terrorists. The directives have been issued to step up the security across the country, and additional forces are now deployed at important government buildings, Malik informed the mediamen. Moreover, the Interior Ministry officials also have confided with The Nation that two days back, the PPOs of the four provinces had been warned against the terrorist activity, and were advised to take stringent security measures to avert any catastrophe. The Interior Ministry has issued advance warning about Rescue 15 suicide attack a month ago, but the Punjab government allegedly paid no heed to the highly sensitive threat alerts, said the source. According to details, the National Crises Management Cell of the Interior Ministry issued a letter No. NCMC/(O&I) addressed to the provincial administration on April 17 this year of Threat Alert 856. In this letter, Chief Secretary Punjab, Secretary Interior, PPO (Punjab) and Director General Rangers were issued warnings that a notorious terrorists Rana Afzal alias Noor Khan was planning to target sensitive institutions buildings adjacent to the Lahore Zoo. The Ministry had also written another letter through the CS Punjab on April 18 issuing warnings to the PPO, CCPO Lahore, Special Branch, Divisional Commissioner and CID Punjab directing them to increase sharing of information and making foolproof security measures. Unfortunately, the Wednesdays incident depicts slackness on the part of the Punjab government and it clearly reveals that the provincial administration did nothing in response to the advance threat alerts, observed the source. According to the Home Departments sources, the administration of the city had been forewarned about a bomb blast or suicide attack. After this, Commissioner Lahore Division Khusro Pervaiz Khan sent a letter to the Deputy Inspector General Sheikhupura Range and CCPO for enhancing security of the important and sensitive buildings, said the source, while further informing that it was perceived that after the military operation in Buner and Swat, the terrorists could carryout attacks. Nadeem Hassan Asif maintained that every now and then, the Punjab government received such information about the terrorist attacks, but there was no specific mention about the threats. And it was not mentioned in any letter that the police response centre was under attack, except the fact that generally, it was written that law enforcement agencies could be attacked. About the security measures, the Home secretary said that security of the sensitive government buildings had been enhanced, while quick sharing of information among the agencies had been increased as well. A senior security officer, while launching a bitter diatribe against the Interior Minister, opined that Rehman Malik was perhaps in the habit of issuing contradictory statements. A few weeks back, when the CCPO Lahore Pervaiz Rathore accused India of carrying out terrorists attacks on the Sri Lankan Cricket team and Manawan Police Training Centre, Malik was quick to contradict the senior police officer, who cannot give any statement sans proofs, he said, while admitting that there was an information about the possible attacks. Remember In a war-like situation, there is always a security threat. However, we must admit that, despite prior information, the law enforcement agencies failed in thwarting Wednesdays deadly attack, he averred.