These days we hear a lot about writ of the government especially with reference to fighting the militants in northern areas. The word sounds good. Its dictionary meaning is 'what is written' but with reference to the government it is a written command from a law court or an authority to do or abstain from something. Knowing its meaning, we do not find this so-called writ of Pakistan government anywhere. Every department of the government has its own rules and none being followed by anyone. The public also does not follow the laid down rules, be it the traffic signals on the roads or use of public facilities. You go to education institutions, hospitals, jails, post office, NADRA, WAPDA, NEPRA, PTCL, virtually anywhere, you would not find the government's writ anywhere. No one checks the violations of rules, as everyone believes in violating rules. The shopkeepers are charging the price they want and, hence, we have price hike. Everything is adulterated or fake as no one enforces standards. The inspectors are bribed and they close their eyes. The corruption at government level from clerk to the top manager in any department is rampant. One needs to have the right connections and a lot of money to grease palms to survive in this country. Where is the writ of the government? -MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, via e-mail, May 18.