ISLAMABAD The closure of Facebook in Pakistan has dealt a 'fatal blow to former dictator Pervaiz Musharraf and his cronies, who were all set to assemble 'Musharraf lovers, registered at the social networking site, through a convention that was scheduled to be organised here on May 29. Source privy to this crucial development told TheNation that the aides of Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan were going to organise a convention in Federal Capital on the same date that was to observe telephonic address of Mush-arraf to his 'lovers. To make this convention, a demonstration for propagating Musharrafs popularity, these aides were going to invite all those people who were registered or were part of Musharraf lovers forum on Facebook, Sources maintained. However, the whole plan was shattered with the closure of Facebook amid blasphemous caricatures row. Musharraf backed All Pakistan Muslim League, which was solely relying on this site for political mileage, is now left with not a single alternate option to reach out to Pervaiz Musharrafs supporters. On the other hand, with the closure of Facebook the process of registration for APML membership also stopped, as the registration forms were exclusively available on the same site, sources told. However when contacted Rashid Qureshi, spokesman for the former president Musharraf, while denying the reports about the convention said that there was neither any plan to hold such gathering nor the former President was going to address it. Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif, however, said that May 8 was selected for the purpose but it was extended as National Press Club, Islamabad, refused to allow due to security purposes. He added that it was not a telephonic address of Musharraf rather they were going to telecast a video message of the former president. He further said that any further information in this regard would be shared with media in future.