ORAKZAI AGENCY - At least suspected 26 militants were killed and about a dozen were injured when security forces pounded their hideouts in Mamozai and Akhun Kot area of Orakzai agency on Friday. Air Force also destroyed suspected militants hideouts during bombing in tribal agencies, officials said. Local sources said on Friday morning security forces raided the strong hold of militants through fighter jets and gunship helicopters in Mamozai area. The aerial strike killed 18 militants and injured 12 others. The local people rushed toward the site and started rescue activities. Several Taliban militants were trapped under the debris and the people were still searching for the victims in the rubble. The aerial strike, worse in intensity, destroyed the compound where suspected Taliban militants were present. So far local Taliban have not issued any statement to media outlets regarding casualties. Official sources confirming the attacks on Taliban hideouts, claimed that 18 Taliban militants were killed and scores of others were injured. Besides inflicting heavy human losses on Taliban insurgents, seven of their hideouts were destroyed as a result of the attack. The agency administration has confirmed that 90 per cent area has been got cleared from militants while 10 per cent area is still under Taliban hold. It is worth mentioning that after successful military operation in Orakzai Agency, the affected people of the Agency have returned to their areas, however several hideouts of the militants in the area are still intact. Agencies add: Separately in neighbouring Kurram tribal district, jet fighter attacks killed eight militants and destroyed five of their hideouts, local government official Sher Bahadar Khan said. Local intelligence officials confirmed the air strikes and death toll. Local government official Javed Khan said the attacks targeted insurgents in Orakzai and Kurram tribal regions. The jets also destroyed some anti-aircraft guns positioned on high ground, he said. Security forces have carried similar air strikes in both tribal regions since militants moved there after fleeing an Army offensive last year in nearby South Waziristan. Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants have bases along the Afghan border, and the Army has launched several offensives in recent years. The militants still remain active, however. It was not possible to get independent confirmation of casualties and the identities of those killed in the attacks because the regions are remote and dangerous, and media access is restricted there.