ISLAMABAD - Considering the recent trend of post-flood revival seen in agriculture production and surge in global commodity prices, the government may set agriculture growth of 3.4 per cent in upcoming budget for next fiscal year 2011-2012, it has learnt. The target set for agricultural growth for fiscal year 2011-12 is 3.4 per cent with contribution of major crops of three per cent, minor crops of two per cent, livestock of four per cent, fishery of two per cent and forestry with negative growth of one per cent, available official documents revealed, adding that the flood has impacted the performance of agriculture sector in current fiscal year but at the same time it has provided leverage for increased growth and expectation of healthy major crops and horticulture. Ibrahim Mughal, Chairman Agri Forum Pakistan, was very critical of this set target. While talking to TheNation, he termed this expected agriculture growth target a conspiracy against countrys economy. If six percent growth target is not set for next fiscal year 2011-12 then a substantial increase in unemployment and major difference in import and export can be witnessed up from 10 billion dollars to 15 billion dollars, he said. He was of the view that there would be shortage of capital availability in market, as money circulation would be decreased and fertilizer industry of Rs4 billion and pesticide industry of Rs40 billion would collapse consequently. Farmers, without any support, can achieve the agriculture target of 5 per cent instead of 3.4 per cent. However, by setting this nominal target, the incumbent government is forcing the investors to invest in Bangladesh instead of Pakistan, he maintained. Agri experts, when contacted, opined that low productivity and yields in agriculture can limit the growth of crop sector. However, given the substantial yield gaps, there are immediate opportunities to increase production through improved soil and water management, use of quality certified seeds, balanced use of fertilizers and proper plant protection measures. It is estimated that Pakistan can increase cotton production by 62.5 per cent with the use of certified BT seed and modern pest control techniques, they maintained. Growth of GDP for 2011-12 is targeted at 4 per cent with contribution of agriculture at 3.4 per cent, manufacturing at 3.7 per cent and services sector at 5.1 per cent respectively and nominal GDP will increase by 17.2 per cent and GNP per capita would be around Rs 121.591, official document reads.