FAISALABAD A suspect involved in Mehran base attack was arrested here from a nearby village on Friday. Meanwhile, four more suspects were arrested in Karachi. The sources said a law enforcement agency raided village Satiana 363-GB and arrested Qari Qaisor, 30, who was told to be running a seminary in the village for past five years. The suspect, who was shifted him to some unknown location for investigations, was already wanted to police, the sources said. He was allegedly a member of a banned militant outfit and had telephonic conversations with the attackers of Mehran airbase in Karachi. Monitoring Desk adds: Security officials have arrested four extremists from Karachi in connection with PNS Mehran naval base attack that left 10 people killed early this week, reported a private TV channel Friday. The suspects were in contact with attackers of PNS naval base. They have been shifted to some undisclosed location for further interrogation. Authorities have denied disclosing their identification. In addition, initial forensic report regarding the base attack has been presented to investigation committee. Report says that Russian-made weapons were used to carry out the attack at PNS Mehran base. It further said that attackers fired seven rockets at the base. While slain security personnel received bullets from a distance between 80 to 100 metres.