MUZAFFARABAD As many as 50 passengers have reportedly drowned as a bus fell into in the Neelum River on Friday in the Neelum Valley. Only conductor of the bus survived. The bus No MDX-136 with 50-60 passengers on board was on its way from Athmuqam (Neelam Valley) to Keil. At Changan, about 20 kilometer from Athmuqam, the bus in an attempt to sidetrack the sheep flock rolled down into the river. Not a single passenger could survive except the conductor who had come down to move the sheep aside. The administration and the local people reached the spot but so far no rescue measures could be started. According to NNI, at least 60 people were drowned while 25 bodies were recovered as the passenger bus fell into the Neelum River. The ill-fated bus bearing No MDX-136 was on its way to Upper Nerelum Keel when it fell in the river in Changan Khari area, 30 kilometer from Athmuqam, and drowned. Reports say that more than 60 passengers, most of them students, were traveling in the bus and all the people on board were feared dead.