The society, which is based on the principles of justice, equality and merit, can never decline, but as far as these supreme values of humanity are concerned, we are far from, even accepting them as ideal traits. The case in point refers to the ordeal of those meritorious candidates, who appeared in an exam conducted by the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) for the post of District Zakat Officer followed by the interviews and were declared to be fit for the appointment against the said posts. The recommendations were sent by the SPSC to the Provincial Zakat and Ushr Department, which consequently moved a summary for the approval of the honourable Chief Minister. More than six months had lapsed and the summary remained pending with the Chief Minister Secretariat, Karachi as the honourable Chief Minister could not spare enough time to decide the matter, which routinely requires, minutes, not even hours. In February 2011, during the Session of Provincial Assembly, Madam Nusrat Zaheer Abbasi, speaking on the Point of Order drew the attention of the August House towards such a prolonged delay in the approval of the said summary, who was later on assured by none other then the Provincial Minister of the Zakat and Ushr Department, Mohammad Sajid Jokhyo with a promise that he would himself see the Chief Minister to get the summary approved by him, at the earliest. After being disappointed from everywhere, a petition was filed by the affected candidates in the Sindh High Court, which has also decided in their favour vide an order issued on 10th May, 2011. The honourable court has asked the worthy Chief Minister to pass order on the summary as early as possible and provide relief to the petitioners. This is a short account of a long battle one has to wage to get ones due right. The disastrous floods of the last year worst hit the province and made million of people homeless rendering them duly dependent on Zakat, but as there was no mechanism in place with great dearth of staff in the department, which resulted in the huge waste of funds. Finally, I would humbly request the honourable Chief Minister to kindly accord his approval on the summary and let these boys have a sigh of relief. KASHIF ALI RAJPER, Islamabad, May 26.