ISLAMABAD - Nuclear scientists including Dr AQ Khan, who have made Pakistans defence impregnable through their relentless efforts, have warned the rulers of serious implications for countrys national security if they did not revisit relations with United States. The United States is trying to make Afghanistan-like situation in Pakistan so that it could carve out a case that its nuclear assets are no more safe and can fall in the hands of terrorists, said Dr AQ Khan in a telephonic interview with TheNation on the eve of 13th anniversary of Youm-e-Takbeer (28 May), the day Pakistan became seventh nuclear power of the world. Dr Khan was of the view that he worked hard and secured Pakistan from external threats and put the country on the path of economic prosperity. However, he regretted that Pakistan instead of making progress in education and economy was going through a massive downslide. This, he said, is mainly because of the bad governance and incompetent rulers bringing bad name to the country which has become notorious in the world as a place of beggars and terrorists. Look at the rate of inflation and massive downslide in the national economy. If this trend continued unabated people would be fed up of nuclear assets, missile programme and Pakistan Army, Dr Khan said, adding that this was exactly what the enemies want to see in Pakistan. Without naming any one, Dr Khan said the recent WikiLeaks about Pakistan have revealed about every 'patriotic citizen of the country. Answering a question about the security of Pakistans nuclear assets, Dr Khan said there was no threat to nuclear assets and they were in safe hands. However, he was critical to the government policies, saying if people lost their confidence in the government because of its repressive economic policies then it would be a very dangerous situation. Dr Khan was of the opinion that in such a situation respect for the Armed Forces would be undermined and they would feel demoralised, adding the incumbent rulers during the past three and half years had done nothing for the masses expect aggravating their problems. He pointed out that today Pakistan was facing numerous challenges and this was chiefly because of Pakistans support to the US and its Armed Forces in attacking the neighbouring Afghanistan. Situation would have been different had Pakistan refused to extend cooperation to the United Sates in attacking Afghanistan, Dr Khan said, recalling that former military ruler late General Zia ul Haq had even kept the US at some distance. Similarly, former President late Ghulam Ishaq Khan had also kept the Americans away from the development of Pakistan peaceful nuclear programme. He maintained that Pakistan was a big country blessed with enormous resources and a nuclear power, but unfortunately the rulers had made Uganda out of it. I wish new generation come forward and reign the country by replacing the old faces as all of them have failed to deliver goods. Another nuclear scientists who also remained part and parcel of the peaceful nuclear programme of the country demanded complete sealing of Pak-Afghan border. Wishing not to be named, he said that once the border was sealed inflow of the weapons and money from across the border would stop that would also help stop destabilisation of the country. Why had we allowed the world to attack on us with drones. Why we have failed to allow the US in breaching our sovereignty by raiding Abbottabad on May 2, he asked. He was of the view that it was because of Pakistans nuclear capability that had created a balance of power and forced India to come to the negotiations table.