OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Ahmad Khan Khosa said on Friday that America must know that Pakistan was an independent state and any violation of its sovereignty would not be tolerated in future. The US must understand that friends are friends and not masters, the governor observed while addressing a ceremony held at Governors House organized by Pakistan Baitul Maal in connection with distribution of wheel chairs among the handicapped persons. Khosa also presided over and addressed an impressive ceremony at the Governors House which marked the culmination of the 40th Pakistan Navy Staff Course. The governor said Pakistan will not tolerate any unilateral action on its territory by the US. He also called for an end to drone attacks. He said Pakistan had already taken crucial steps to root out terrorists from its soil. The governor said all military operations including that in Swat were carried out with the approval of Parliament and governments writ had been established there. Khosa said that PPP was committed to Charter of Democracy (CoD) and will continue its policy of national reconciliation with the PML-N. He said Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had signed the CoD with Mian Nawaz Sharif ignoring the fact that he (Nawaz) was responsible for her husbands 11-year detention in jail. He said PPP had a history of serving the people and will continue its mission. Khosa said that 4 million families were benefiting from BISP under which Rs 78 billion had been distributed among them in the last three years. Earlier, a pandemonium was witnessed during the ceremony when wheel chairs fell short vis--vis the recipients. The organizers controlled the situation by making pledges that more wheel chair would be dispatched to them at their residence by coming Sunday (tomorrow). The governor Punjab said that country was facing multidimensional threats at all levels, be it global, regional or domestic. He has said that the list of challenges was long and extensive and included critical subjects like the foreign policy vis--vis the United States, the war on terror, the economic crisis, an expanding inflation, energy shortfall and so on. He, however, said that the most damaging one was the threat of terrorism which was now striking at the very foundation of our country. He said the unending streak of violence that had so far left more than 35000 in human fatalities besides $ 68 billion in economic losses was a sad commentary on how far we have drifted from the sublime values given to us by our founding fathers who wanted Pakistan to be a land for the economic wellbeing of the disadvantaged Muslims of the sub-continent. He said that situation arising out of May 2 incident in Abbotabad as well as May 22 episode of Mehran Naval Base, certainly warranted deep analysis and a comprehensive review of the policies and procedures which hopefully will begin sooner rather than later. Governor has said that he would add that even the worlds greatest powers had not been immune from intelligence failures, some of which had catastrophic outcome. The 1941 Pearl Harbour attack drew the U.S into World War-II; the Normandy Invasion in 1944 was beginning of the end of World War-II, and more recently the abject failure of the vast U.S Intelligence network in timely detecting the 9/11 attacks had led to the 'Long war for which Pakistan continued to pay a huge price. The governor lauded the efforts of PN War College in providing 'quality staff officers who form the backbone of human resource potential in PN. The painstaking efforts in educating and preparing minds for future maritime challenges are praiseworthy, he further said. Governor on this occasion quoted a line from the former U.S President Roosevelt, who while addressing the Congress in 1902 said: A good navy is not a provocation for war. It is the surest guaranty for peace.