LAHORE - There seems no immediate end to the cold war going on between Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for the last over few months; as Punjab government is seemingly disinclined to respond to any of the observations made by the former on the summaries sent to him by the latter on different subjects. The last summary from the CM rejected by the governor pertains to appointment of members of the Punjab Public Service Commission. The governor had refused to sign the document raising legal objections. Earlier, he had rejected a summary regarding formation of Lahore Ring Road Authority through an ordinance and the one pertaining to appointment of vice-chancellors in public sector universities. Following governors refusal to act on advice of the chief minister in case of appointment, PPSC members, the Punjab government had constituted a committee to settle the issue, but the said body headed by Punjab Chief Secretary Nasir Mahmood Khosa, is yet to meet for the purpose. The governor holds the opinion that he was bound to act on chief ministers advice only in case of appointment of Chairman of the PPSC and not in respect of its members. The Governor had also noted down on CMs summary that members of the PPSC should be short-listed through interviews after giving an advertisement in the media. He has also maintained that a criterion for their selection should also be set and followed. Khosa also believes that Chancellor of the universities, who happens to be governor, had the final say in appointment of Vice-chancellors. Contrary to governors position on appointment of VCs, CM Secretariat is of the opinion that after devolution of education department, chief minister had the full authority to recommend names for VCs and governor was bound to approve the names. On the issue of formation of Ring Road Authority through an ordinance, the governor had sent back the summary with the note that ordinances are issued only in case of emergency and he did not see any such situation at the moment. The governor also referred to Supreme Court directions regarding issuance of ordinances while rejecting the summary. The governor had at that time noted that Punjab Assembly was in session and he could not sign an ordinance according to the Constitution. The governor had further remarked that since the draft legislation on Ring Road Authority was lying in Punjab Assembly, it should be adopted by the legislature in the form of a bill and then sent to the governor for his assent. The tension between the governor and chief minister started when Speaker Punjab Assembly allotted separate seats to members of the PML-Q forward bloc in Punjab Assembly, thereby giving them status of a separate parliamentary group in an attempt to give them a legal cover against application of defection clause in the Constitution. Khosa had then also declared that he will not administer oath to members of the forward bloc as cabinet ministers if the chief minister so desired any time. The governor, who is also a legal wizard, holds the opinion that administering oath to members of forward bloc would be in violation of defection clause of the Constitution which forbids changing of loyalties by the elected representatives. With resumption of clashes between the two provincial heads, Punjab seems to have reverted to the era of late Salmaan Taseer who would have some conflict with the CM almost on daily basis. But one could observe a marked difference between the conduct of late Taseer and Sardar Khosa. The former would engage in war of words while the latter is using his pen to keep the CM on his toes.