DASKA Teachers on Friday forced innocent girl students to wipe sewerage water out of the low-lying ground of the classrooms in sweltering hot weather. Teachers forced innocent girl students of Govt Girls Primary School, Glotiyaan Kalan, Daska Tehsil, to wipe out stagnant sewerage water from the school ground during the school timings. As reported, sewerage water enters the classes of the said school because of the low-lying ground in the school and clogged sewerage system of the village that has been so for almost a decade now. Instead of solving the issue of clogged sanitation system or reporting the matter to the concerned authorities to be sorted out, teachers forced the girl students to wipe the stagnant water out of the classrooms. When contacted, the school teachers claimed this practice was a part of their so-called 'good education. On the other hand, the students expressed that they did this so to obey and please their teachers, and that this practice has become a part of their daily routine. Moreover, the clogged sewerage system also passes through the low lying ground of the school, producing rotten smell and suffocation and posing a serious threat to the health of students and the teachers as well. Local, social, religious, educational and political circles have expressed concern over this grave situation, saying that the issue should be resolved, for the minor school girls are there to get education and not to wipe stagnant water out of the ground. They demand Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Gujranwala Division Commissioner Saeed Wahla and Sialkot DCO Mujahid Sher Dil to take serious notice of this action and take action against negligent teachers. Sialkot EDO Riaz Ahmed Sohi told scribe that he was not aware of the ongoing situation and assured to take stern action against all who are involved in this act either directly or indirectly.