WASHINGTON - Pakistans Ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani was not 'shell-shocked, as reported in a newspaper report, when a poll he took during a lecture in Islamabad last week reflected anti-American sentiment among the audience, a statement posted on Pakistan Media Watch, a website devoted to fact-checking, said. The website also placed a video of the ambassadors exchange with students of National Defence University (NDU) in support of its assertion, saying the May 21 report in The Nation mischaracterised his speech about foreign policy and Pak-US relations. Nowhere in the video does one see a 'shell-shocked or 'speechless Ambassador, the statement said, referring to the newspaper report. Also, video clearly shows that the exchange was part of a broader, friendly discussion with NDU students about how foreign policy and specifically Pak-US relations should be considered with logic and reason and not emotions driving the debate.