Our Staff Reporter ISLAMABAD The Power generation in the country after increase has reached to 14,419 MW that is highest power generation in the month of May as compared to previous years. The increase in the power generation has lessened the demand, supply gap. A Spokesman of the Ministry of Water and Power has stated that on the direction of Minister Syed Naveed Qamar fuel supply to the power plants is being ensured as per requirements so that maximum generation could be achieved. The Minister has directed Pepco to utilize all the resources to generate maximum electricity. The gap between demand and supply of electricity would be further eased out in the coming weeks in June. The hydel generation will improve after increase in the water releases from Terbela and Mangla dams. After increase in the generation Pepco has lifted unannounced loadshedding now a days and the duration of announced has also slightly come down. The country has produced maximum 12,400 MW in the month of May in the previous years. On Friday, the generation was 14,419 MW against the demand of 16,152 MW with a short fall of 1,733 MW. The break up shows that the generation from hydel was 5,525 MW, IPPs 6,931 MW, Gencos 1,864 MW and Rentals was 99 MW. The Spokesman further stated that the government is fully aware of the situation and taking all the measures to enhance power generation in order to reduce the gap. Due to the measures, it is expected that the generation will further increase from 1,000 to 2,000 MW in June onwards. Pepco has been asked to make arrangements of fuel for thermal units for the coming days to get increase in the generation, the spokesman added.