MULTAN Deputy secretary general of Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan Mian Maqsood Ahmad has demanded of Army Chief and other generals to resign from their offices as they have failed to protect the nation. Talking to the journalists here on Friday, he said that Abbottabad and Karachi incidents lowered the head of entire nation with shame and entire nation considered itself highly unsafe. He asked the rulers and heads of armed forces to prefer national interest on American war on terror and pull out of this anti-Muslim campaign. He said that Pakistan was passing through the most turbulent time of its history and the country needed quick pro-Pakistan decisions. He called for unveiling of secret agreements made by former president Musharraf and other generals with America, saying these agreements should be discussed in the parliament. These agreements should be cancelled and parliament must prevent generals from signing secret agreements with any one in future, he asserted. He disclosed that CIA, MI5, MOSSAD and RAW were given permission to establish their stations in Pakistan in the name of joint venture under secret agreements. Now these stations are working as terrorist production units. Theyve posed serious threat to national security. These stations must be shut down forthwith, he demanded. Strongly condemning attacks on tribesmen, he declared them the armour of Pakistan. Theyre the most patriot citizens. They love Pakistan and Islam. Drone attacks on them and army operation in tribal area must be halted forthwith, he demanded. He asked the government to immediately launch dialogue with tribes and bring them in mainstream so that peace could be maintained in the country. He lamented that Pakistan surpassed India in oppressing those calling American imperialism an evil. He alleged that the army prevented political government from making independent decisions. Mere statements and slogans cant run democratic system. The only way to strengthen political system is to let it progress, he added. He said that the nation exhibited trust on PPP and brought it to power but the rulers completely failed to deliver. He said that poverty, unemployment, price hike and lawlessness made the lives of common citizens highly miserable. He pointed out that loadshedding completely ruined trade and commerce in the country.