OUR STAFF REPORTER KARACHI - The Karachi stock market witnessed another bullish trading session on Friday amid optimism about normalisation of Pakistan-US relations and investor interest in commodity scrips. The Karachi Stock Exchanges 100-share index recorded gained 0.22 per cent or 27.40 points to close at 12,225.52 points mark. Market turnover decreased to 79.64 million shares from 101.52 million shares of last session. The KSE market capitalization was recorded at Rs3,241.43 billion or $37.85 billion while total trading value was at Rs4.02 billion or $46.99 million respectively. The KSE 30-index ended a bright day with 24.39 points or 0.21 per cent to close at 11,846.24 points. KSE future volumes were recorded at 5.72 million shares while its value was at Rs409.78 million at the spread rate of 1.20 per cent. Higher estimated outlay for PSDP in federal budget was taken positive for cement sector. Higher refinery margins and recovery in international oil prices invited investor interest in commodity scrips despite security concerns in the country after terrorist strike in Kohat, said Ahsan Mehanti, Director at Arif Habib Investments Limited. High powered meeting between the US and Pakistani authorities and last day of the roll-over week led to a cautious trading, however, snap rallies mainly of speculative nature provided various short term trading opportunities to the market men, said Hasnain Asghar Ali, an analyst at Aziz Fida Husein & Co. He said day end squaring exerted pressure on the benchmark, however, invited renewed buying interest mainly in the frontline volume leaders thus allowing the index to stage a decent comeback supported by reasonable volumes. According to the analyst opinion, reservations expressed by various market participants, on the decision likely to get official support only upon announcement of federal budget, regarding status of Capital Gain Tax (CGT) kept nervousness at the market, thereby restricting trades to the dividend yielding stocks. However, stocks either trading at higher multiples or facing various threats either missed follow-up or invited fresh float on strength, duty reduction proposed by cement manufactures, and likely exemption by the EU for textile imports from Pakistan did invite renewed buying interest in the likely beneficiaries of the sector, thereby allowing various options to the marketmen, despite sell-off from the off-shore accounts, he said.