Finally the incarnation of evil in human form General Ratko Mladic has been hunted down, and will be put on trial for ordering one of the most brutal acts in history the massacre of 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men, women and children and overseeing other operations that claimed countless innocent lives. These terrible deeds were no doubt the result of his own wickedness but were also condoned and supported by the then Serbian government that believed in carrying out ethnic cleansing of Muslims in former Yugoslavia. Indeed, it is hard to find words to fully condemn the reign of terror the Butcher of Bosnia had unleashed. The arrest serves as a right response to the cry for justice of the surviving Muslim populace that had experienced, at first hand, the horrors perpetuated by this man. With this also follows the prospect of peace in the Balkan region because even after the earlier arrests of Slobodan Milosevic and Radovan Karadzic, the impression still was that Serbia had not come to terms with its past and was not serious in arresting one of the remaining culprits of the Bosnian war. Indeed, even as of now there is no dearth of elements within the Serbian army and the hard line political circles who have a soft spot for Mladic. It is, therefore, hard to dispel the perception that someone among them might have been sheltering him. At the same time the statement from Serbian President Boris Tadic that the arrest removes a heavy burden from Serbia and closes a page of their unfortunate history offers hope that the country indeed is willing to make a new beginning. He has also given the assurance that political pressure will not be allowed to come in the way of Mladics extradition to Hague where he will have to account for his sins. The International Court of Justice that has charged him with crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide would, hopefully, dispense justice. That would constitute a major triumph for law and justice.