Why we are getting into an unnecessary debate of calling attack on Mehran base a security breach or security lapse. These are all semantics. The bottom line is that the terrorists carried out a successful attack on a well guarded Naval base and destroyed two P-3C Orion each costing more than 30 million US$, lost 10 Naval/ Rangers personnel including a Naval officer, injuring over a dozen persons, kept the Navy engaged for over 14 hours and in the end two or may be more militants managed to escape leaving behind four dead. The Navy must admit the failure/incompetence and an in house inquiry, without wasting a single minute, to be carried out to take appropriate action against the individuals responsible of dereliction of duty while at the same time take stock of its security arrangements at other installations to avoid at all costs any repeat of such acts. The Navy should be mindful while conducting the inquiry for not ruling out the possibility of support to militants from within the base. I will also urge upon the political parties, Media and civil society not to loose faith in its Armed Forces, which at the moment are fighting against a highly motivated brain washed militant, equipped with latest armament and supported by our enemies with a view to destabilize and demoralize the nation. It is time to remain united and support the Govt. and Armed Forces in the battle of survival of Pakistan. BRIG AKHTAR ZAMIN (RETD), Karachi, May 25.