LAHORE - 'Dead ministries will not be accepted in the wake of devolving some of the PML-Q ministries to the provinces under 18th amendment, PML-Q leaders told their high command. They also asked the senior leadership to seek assurances from the PPP top leadership regarding the ministries for a 'smooth sailing in the upcoming national budget, TheNation has learnt. PML-Q sources privy to the resentment among the party circles after PPP leader, Raza Rabbanis statement regarding devolving some ministries of PML-Q to the provinces under 18th amendment told this scribe on Friday that 'party circles took very seriously Rabbanis statement and told partys top leadership for not accepting 'dead ministries, besides demanding assurances from the PPP leadership for their ministries for PML-Qs support to the forthcoming national budget. It is to be mentioned here, Senator Raza Rabbani, chairman implementation commission for 18th amendment told the media the other day that ministries envisaged in the 18th constitutional amendment would be devolved to the provinces by the end of this fiscal year. He also said that the commission had received no instruction from any quarter to delay some ministries from the process. PML-Q holds two important ministries of health and labour and manpower, which would be devolved to the provinces under 18th amendment. PML-Q sources divulging more details told that some of their people cautioned the partys high command about the 'double face of the PPP before entering into a coalition with the PPP and proposed the party leadership for 'solid guarantors for striking a power-sharing deal in which the PML-Q commands 'equal say in the affairs of the federal government. They told that party leaders asked the bosses to 'activate the guarantors of the PML-Q-PPP power-sharing deal in a bid to get 'meaningful portfolios or guarantees for delaying the process of handing over the PML-Q ministries to the provinces falls under 18th amendment till next general elections. They further told that many party leaders have made clear to the top leadership that they should give a 'tough time to the PPP in the upcoming national budget instead of getting 'meaningless ministries in the wake of devolution process under 18th amendment. A PML-Q minister seeking anonymity observed, As the track record of the current PPP senior leadership shows that it believes in short-term political benefits. Against the backdrop of PPPs record, possibilities of showing door to the PML-Q ministers could not be ruled out if they raise hue and cry for meaningful portfolios in the wake of devolving some ministries of PML-Q to the provinces. He added, PPPs real plans regarding his new coalition partners, will surface after the upcoming national budget, as the PPPs top boss and his close aides are highly unpredictable and anything could be expected from them. When contacted, Raja Basharat, senior PML-Q leader and advisor to Prime Minister on Industries said, Implementation commission for 18th amendment should revisit its goals, especially for the ministries of health and labour and manpower, while the chairman of the commission, Raza Rabbani instead of sticking to inflexible trend, should open himself for logic and listen to the counter argument on devolving some of the departments to the provinces. He said, We (PML-Q) are opposing any decision to devolve the ministries of health and labour and manpower on logic and logical argument should reciprocated in the same manner and not with mere rhetoric. Raja Basharat consolidating his argument questioned that who would fulfil the international commitments regarding the ministry of health and millennium goals if the health ministry would be devolved to provinces by the end of June to accomplish the targets of the 18th amendment. PML-Q leader said that labour and manpower ministry under the pool of federal government generate demands for labour and manpower from Pakistan for the client countries on the basis of equal share, while devolving the ministry to the provinces would deprive many from sharing equal job opportunities abroad.