HYDERABAD (APP) - A man killed four daughters by throwing them in Phuleli Canal near Hala Naka area. According to police, bodies of 3 girls were found in Hosri area at the bank of Phuleli Canal on Friday Morning. The bodies were shifted to Civil Hospital where the bereaved mother identified them as Kainat (9), Neha (7) and Dhano (4) years. The body of the baby Soni aged 2 years is still missing. Police of Baldia has taken Javed Shah, father of the children, into custody. Javed, a resident of Ghareebabad area, told the police that he was worried by his financial woes as well as family problems as his wife and children were living at his in-laws residence in Latifabad. On Friday night, he told the police, he brought back his 4 daughters from his in-laws home after an argument. Subsequently, he took the children for a round and threw them in the canal near Hala Naka area.