OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The electricity shortfall on Friday downed at 1733MW, thanks to the change in weather and comparatively good generation from all the sources. The overall electricity situation was being described better across the country. The sources said that big cities of Punjab were facing about maximum four to five hours of load shedding. However, they added, the people of rural areas were witnessing six to eight hours of outages. The sources claimed that industrial areas had been totally exempted from load shedding and the agriculture connections were also being provided good supply. About four to five hours maximum load shedding was being conducted in the limits of the LESCO, they said. The hydel generation is standing at 5525 MW while the PEPCO owned GENCOs are producing 1864 MW, about 400MW more from their previous generation of last couple of days. The IPPs and RPPs produced 6931MW and 99MW for the National Grid respectively. The KESC was supplied 710 MW.