ISLAMABAD - After a thorough investigation into the continuous tall claims of Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) President Syed Kaleem Imam and Senior Vice President and spokesman Irshad Bhatti that they made ever since taking the helm of affairs after winning recent elections, an altogether different picture has revealed. The details available with this correspondent revealed some hidden truths right from the start of the tenure of new regime in the PTF. No prize money was paid to the winner, runner-up and semi-finalist of CDA Margalla Cup despite the lapse of almost two months since the tournament was played. The actual prize money for Sargodha Cup, which was held on May 7, was Rs 3,45,000 but the amount, which was released was only Rs 1,68,000. The PTF had announced to send players to Turkey and India to prepare for Davis Cup tie against Korea to be held in July. This was stated by the PTF president himself in March but none of the players were sent anywhere. The players who had sent their entries to India for participation have withdrawn to avoid fines by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). These players include Jalil Kahn, Yaseer Khan and Sarah Mehboob. Soon after taking charge, it was announced that central contracts would be given to the players, but it is unknown as where are those contracts. There is no criterion for hiring coaches, as a close friend of PTF Treasurer Arif Qureshi, Birbal Wadhera was invited to coach the players and now a close friend of PTF president's friend Jalil Riaz who is teacher in the US is being invited to coach team in Davis Cup camp. If huge amount can be spent on Jalil Riaz visit to Pakistan then why youngsters like Samir, who is the future of the country, is left in the cold. A close friend of Aman Asghar, Naeem, was hired as administrator at the PTF Islamabad with no experience of the post. Despite making commitments regarding reduction in membership and monthly fees nothing has been done so far. The PTF is flouting Supreme Court orders about the minimum salary of the staff and despite several announcements the staff is getting the same salary which they were getting before which is in most of the cases is less than 7000 per month. The president had announced holding an exhibition match at Wagah border, but no sign has been seen yet. Sania, Aisam and Rohan matches have been forgotten; inviting Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer for the exhibition match has not been mentioned again; holding a tournament at Waziristan has become a mirage; construction of indoor courts did not come in sight. The claim that UAE and Turkey Federations will help PTF and wild card entry will be given to Pakistani players in undefined future and UAE Federation will start a tennis academy in Pakistan is no longer remembered. These simple questions needed answer from the PTF high-ups. Pointing out flaws in the recently concluded training camp under the command of Indian coach Birbal Wadhera could not attract any heed. The youngsters who daily travel six kilometres by foot from Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) to PTF complex in scorching heat had no proper meal, as only a banana was offered to them in both the sessions. Renowned physiotherapist Dr Sh Awais Bin Inam, who was invited by the PTF during the camp, stressed the provision of quality food to the trainees but his advises were ignored and the kids were treated in lamentable manner. The PTF top brass merely wants self-praise though they had done nothing for the promotion of tennis so far. A so-called summer training camp was announced for the school-going children, which was also said to be continued for three months but it could only go for a week. Reliable sources said one of PTF Senior Vice Presidents namely Zulfiqar Rahim demanded Rs 1000 each from students who wanted to join the camp and this gentleman visited different schools in this regard but drew blank. It was further noticed that Kaleem Imam gave different portfolios in the federation to his friends without any approval of the general council. It is high time that the sports ministry must seek explanation from the PTF president about the state of affairs in the federation.