Pakistan is in dire trouble for the reasons known to us very well. It is not the failure of state but the failure of our prime institutions, i.e. security and intelligence. Most important factor in these episodes is the failure of intelligence agencies and security lapses as is very clear at PN Mehran Base fiasco. How can they say that it was not a security lapse? This was the most callous attitude on the part of our senior officers not to accept blame. Not a single officer at intelligence HQs at Abbotabad, Islamabad and Karachi has gone home on administrative ground without any pension/perks. Send them and you will see a sea of change in attitudes. Most of the installations and its commanders are going to be surprised and caught unaware in this war on terror, but our reaction and SOP must give us ascendancy after the first shock. Point of attack and time of attack is in the hands of terrorists, dont lose nerves. Secondly spread out your assets and create a protective parameter for their utmost safety. Officers must be hardy in all the services, physically robust and mentally alert. SOPs must be rehearsed very frequently. Weapons handling by all ranks must be extremely good. Above all this intelligence gathering and correlating is extremely important, which is not being done. Government should know very clearly that blunders they have committed by granting 7000 visas to US covert operatives are unimaginable. They have multiplied to over 30,000 agents roaming around tirelessly to create chaos and confusion in the country. In order to keep us going as junior partners all the tricks of the game will be employed by our bigger partners. We must watch out around the clock, and adopt our own line of action. We must change, and the sooner the better. Negligence should not be tolerated at all. We must punish officers of all ranks without fear for showing carelessness. We must learn lesson from history. ANEES A. KHAN, Lahore, May 26.