OUR STAFF REPORTER KARACHI - The Chairman, Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) SZ, Aziz Ahmed has strongly condemned the FBR decision to withdraw exemption on duties on import of plant and machinery. He termed the FBR decision as anti-industry and anti-Pakistan as it would cripple the economy of the country and ultimately halt the industrialisation of the country. He said that at this juncture when country needs to provide more and more incentives to the industry for the revival of the economy and create employment opportunities the govt is trying to strangulate trade and industry on the whims of IMF and WB. Aziz said that the industry is already facing hardest time in the history of Pakistan and facing closure due to enormous increase in utilities charges, record high prices of POL, highest interest rates and ever increasing law and order situation is resulting in shut downs, exporters rendered unable to meet the export orders and export proceeds are declining while government is taking anti-economy decisions. He termed the imposition of import duty on plant and machinery as the last nail in the industrys coffin. He earnestly demanded to reverse this decision and all the machinery lying at the port