OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court on Friday called for the appearance of Town Municipal Officer (TMO), Shalimar Town, on a petition which has questioned the establishment of a food street after removing a greenbelt in Shadbagh Scheme-II. The judge passed the order expressed annoyance over relevant government departments for no none, including PHA, cooperated with the court to bring required facts on record in the case and matter was many occasions confused as to who was managing and handling the project. The city district government also did not file reply to the petition despite court orders. The petition has been filed by Hafiz Moeen Ahmad through counsel Muhammad Azhar Siddique challenging food street by ending a greenbelt. Last day after a long delay a lawyer appeared before the court with power of attorney on behalf of TMO Shalimar. The judge however required the TMO Shalimar to personally appear before the court on the hearing next week observing that the court will not tolerate further delay in the matter. The judge remarked that it seems that officials and department do not know about what was happening under their nose regarding development projects. And instead of assisting the court, hindrances in administration of justice are being created furnishing confused answer to queries raised through the petition.