LAHORE  - More than 600 mega watts (MW) of electricity has been brought back to national grid following improved gas and oil supply to power plants.

National Transmission and Despatch Company Limited (NTDCL) spokesman said here Sunday that electricity demand had increased due to hot weather which outstripped the power generation and enhanced the gap between demand and supply. However, the average shortfall now-a-days is about 5,000 to 6000 MW.

Dilating upon the power situation, he said the hydel generation had reduced due to less inflow in Tarbela and Mangla reservoirs as compared to previous year.

Efforts have been put in place to boost thermal generation to full capacity and major thermal plants of both GENCO’s and IPPs i.e. Jamshoro, Kapco, Hubco, Liberty Power, Saif, Saphire, Orient and Halmore, which were out from the system have been brought on the bar by improving gas and furnace oil supply that brought back more than 600 MW to the national grid, he maintained.

According to the report of Meteorological department, the melting process of glacier has started and hopefully water inflow in reservoirs would improve in a couple of days.

Resultantly, the hydel generation would increase ultimately narrowing down the power demand and supply gap, he added. The NTDCL spokesman, however, appealed to the power consumers to adhere to energy conservation measures for clipping down the persisting demand.