LAHORE – Owing to the world recession a large number of vehicles have become surplus in various advanced countries, Pakistan should take notice of this state of affairs and should not allow the import of this junk of used vehicles in Pakistan, says a press release.

No decision in this regard should be taken by the Govt under any pressure from various lobbies until all the stakeholders; FPCCI, PAAPAM and manufacturers of vehicles in Pakistan are taken into confidence, it was stated by Iftikhar Ali Malik, Vice President of SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Any relaxation in the import of used vehicles will kill the local vendor industry, he warned.

He further said that our poor class cannot purchase vehicles as they have no money even to purchase food. It is just the propaganda of various lobbies to use the name of poor for their own purpose. A total ban is required on import as the worldwide emphasis is on austerity. Pakistan is already short of foreign exchange and any decision to import used vehicles will put extra pressure on foreign exchange reserves and rupee further. Malik further said that even for opening trade with India, import of vehicles has been segregated. So there is no need of allowing these from other countries although these are available at throw away prices. Govt. should not succumb to any political pressure in the National interest