KARACHI - Karachiites have called for imposing ban on shutter-down and rallies taken out in the city. Talking to APP they urged the concerned authorities to ensure that rallies taken out under one or the other pretext, if unavoidable, must be restricted to specifically designated areas. “This is prerequisite for our safety,” said Mrs. Khalida Qaiser, a banker. People from different walks of life said protest or political rallies under no circumstances, be allowed to take place on main thoroughfares and in residential, commercial and industrial areas. The citizens of the metropolis were of the opinion that different rights’ groups and the political parties must also restrain their workers from every form of violence, be it target killing, damaging or looting of public and private property.“The miscreants within any party’s ranks must be exposed by the party’s leadership for appropriate punitive action according to the law of the land,” said Syed Siraj, a senior citizen.

“All our cities including Karachi must be de-weaponized and for the purpose, complete ban on the display of weapons must be imposed, especially by political party workers” said Mazhar Ali an activist working for the cause of adult education.