OKARA - Following the post-mortem report of South City Hospital, a homeopathic doctor was booked for slaughtering his wife, sister-in-law, daughter and son in Ahmadabad for ‘honour’.

The four were laid to rest in the local graveyard. The murder case was registered against Babar Maseh. Babar got married to Shagufta about 18 years ago. She gave birth to Zuhaib and Zeerish. Shagufta worked as a teacher at a Primary School whereas her sister Samina was also residing with her. The other day, Babar slaughtered her wife with a sharp weapon.

Thereafter he killed his sister-in-law and 16-year-old daughter Zeerish. In the meantime his clothes got stained with blood and his finger was injured. After three murders, he was not cooled down. He went to the Church located on GT Road where his son Zuhaib, 12, was busy in worship. The accused brought him back home, persecuted and slaughtered him as well.

Having killed the whole family, he also tried to cut his own throat. He was badly injured. Rescue 1122 took Babar to the DHQ wherefrom he was shifted to Jinnah Hospital Lahore. The news of 4 murders spread like a wildfire. Thousands of people gathered there. Okara DPO Dr Abid Raja with a police contingent reached the hospital. Babar’s father in law Francis, a resident of Kot Ameer Ali Shah, lodged an application in B  Division police station that Babar had suspected his daughter of having illicit relation with someone.

The police registered the case Under Section 302. It was said that Babar’s condition in the Lahore hospital is stable but the doctors have forbidden him from speaking. During funerals of four victims, the environment was full of grief. Many men and women could not control themselves and fainted. The deceased were laid to rest in the local graveyard.