ISLAMABAD – The government has summoned a renowned multinational pharmaceutical company for explanation about selling injections used for the treatment of Hepatitis on the basis of ‘buy one get one free’ at Rs 13000.

Unfortunately, the poor patients are not getting any benefit from this price concession. Rather the owners of the big medical stores and the medical communities are getting the advantage of this concession being provided by the said company.

According to an official, the government is trying its best to make this multinational pharmaceutical company sell this injection at half the price to make the poor patients get the benefit from this price concession.

According to sources from the Ministry of National Regulation and Services, the main intention of the government behind calling the said pharmaceutical company on May 28 (today) for hearing is to urge it to reduce the price of the injection.

In this way, the government would emphasize the pharmaceutical company to remove the logo ‘buy one get one free’ and sell the anti-hepatitis medicine at Rs 6500 per injection.