ISLAMABAD - Announcing to move Supreme Court against national assembly speaker’s ruling on PM Gilani’s qualification on Monday (today), PTI chief Imran Khan has asked the masses to join him transforming Pakistan into a land of prosperity and justice.Addressing a mammoth gathering, majority of them youth, at historical Liaquat Bagh on Sunday evening Imran Khan advised rulers to bow to the Supreme Court and implement its orders. Otherwise, he warned, the Tsunami March of his supporters would wash them away from the power corridors.Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman, in a message to Prime Minister Gilani, who according to him has lost moral stand to be the chief executive, said if Gilani attempted to bulldoze the apex court rulings to hide their (PPP leaders) corruption they (PTI) would turn the table on him and his associates. Imran gave his vision of a new Pakistan where each and every institution remaining within their defined ambit would be supporting and supplementing each other for making the motherland stronger. He said he would make the institutions subservient to the constitution and establish the rule of law in the country which would remove the existing contradictions and inequalities that lead to fixing up the poor but let the influential walk free.The PTI chief announced that after coming into power they would make the powerful, especially those sitting in power, pay their taxes and the money collected from these unbridled people would be spent for the welfare of the poor masses. Giving his priorities list Imran Khan said they would bring in foreign investment by involving the expatriate Pakistanis through improving the governance system and purging it of the incessant corruption. Imposing education emergency in the country his government would establish state of the art institutions across the country particularly for the women folk, which constitute half the population of the country so that their potential could be fully utilised, Imran said. About health he said that blanket quality health cover would be provided across the country while pensioners would be facilitated by revamping the existing pension rules to facilitate the senior citizens.Showing great concern about the deprivation of the tribal areas and Balochistan, Imran said he would grant special status to these neglected areas by signing new social contract with the people and special measures would be taken to bring these areas at par with the developed areas. He said they would not let any law against minorities in the country passed while the women would be given equal rights in the ancestral property to save them from exploitation.Announcing next public rally at Hyderabad by the end of June, Imran pledged that he would get the people of these area free from the shackles of the feudalism and help end their decades long sufferings. He said his party would not let the nefarious designs of certain quarters to divide Sindh and announced that his party would be standing with the people of the province through thick and thin.Without making any distinction between the PPP and PML-N, he said that the group of looters and plunders of national wealth are putting the burden of their corruption in shape of price-hike on poor masses while avoiding to pay even their due taxes. He referred to the payment of just Rs5,000 tax by Nawaz Sharif few years back when he was in exile and questioned whether the Sugar Mills of Mian Sahib had also gone abroad with him. He referred to the growing popularity of his party in Punjab and said the wind of change has started blowing right from the mountains of Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa down to the plains of Punjab and Sindh.The Liaquat Bagh was studded with banners and board-hoardings inscribed with slogans in support of Imran Khan and other party leaders while throughout the addresses of the central leaders of the party the participants kept on raising slogans and waving the party flags. Others who addressed the public meeting included Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Makhdoom Javid Hashmi, Rahaat Masood Qqdoosi, Dr Arif Alvi, Sardar Ghulam Abbass and Sarwar Khan.Earlier, a number of rallies from various cities of Punjab, KPK and Islamabad reached the venue to participate in the party’s mammoth public meeting. According to an independent estimate, around 40,000 people participated in the rally and good number of rallies came from the adjoining areas including Gujar Khan, Taxila, Wah and Chakwal participated in the rally while small groups from other cities like Lahore and Mianwali also showed up.Dr Waseem Shehzad also led a big rally of PTI activists, workers and members of civil society. On the occasion, Dr Shehzad said the wind of change has started blowing in the country. PTI has devised the path of progress of the country and if the party is voted into power it would implement its manifesto within the shortest possible time.Makhdoom Javid Hashmi charged that Mian Nawaz Sharif tried to let him down during the last general elections in this constituency to minimise his stature in the party. He said that people of Rawalpindi had given him enormous love and respect. He said he was made to vacate this seat under a conspiracy as he wanted to keep this seat after the elections. Javid Hashmi said that at the time of trial both Mian brothers used to leave the country for London while Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan would fell ill.Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that President Zardari came back from Chicago empty handed rather carrying insult and humiliation. He did not highlight there the sacrifices made by Pakistan, which lost 40,000 human lives and billions of dollars. Parliament has lost its utility as all those sitting in these assemblies had compromised on the political and personal gains and people of Pakistan wanted to get rid of Zardari and his coteries as they had badly failed to serve the masses, he added.The long list of speakers was kept short and those who spoke were also restricted to speak for two to three minutes wherein they all grilled the political opponents with focus on PML-N and PPP. The venue of rally was heavily guarded and traffic on Murree Road was diverted to other roads keeping in view the rush of the people that was so immense that some participants even broke into the women and media enclosures causing some disturbance and unruliness. The management of the rally also failed to prevent party activists from climbing up to the main stage.