Amid a heated debate between Kashmiri leaders and the Indian delegation in Geneva at the UN headquarter for Human Rights Commission, a demand was made urging New Delhi to end its atrocities in the Held Valley. The Indian side did not have much to say when confronted with questions why the country was persisting with the occupation or why it was committing the war crimes. The Indian delegation got confused when bombarded with the criticism in a session attended by over 90 countries. Sadly, the Pakistani delegation was conspicuous by its absence, which will strengthen the perception that Islamabad has lost its traditional ardour for a Kashmir settlement, leaving the people of the valley bitterly disappointed.

The proceedings of the session will provide enough material to the participating countries about Indian atrocities in the Valley and the urgent need to stop them. The Indian Army using draconian powers under the Indian constitution is involved in daily acts of manslaughter and torture. The UN must pressurise New Delhi to submit to the will of Kashmiris in line with its own resolutions. It cannot turn its back to the conflict lingering for more than half a century.