LAHORE - Lawyers from across the Punjab, at a convention here on Sunday, said Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani should step down immediately as he is holding the office of the prime minister in violation of the Constitution. A convicted prime minister has no justification to stay on, and in case he did not quit, the lawyers will be constrained to launch a movement against him, they said in a declaration adopted by the participants.The participants were of the view that undoing a court decision through an executive order by the NA Speaker amounted to committing contempt of court.Lahore Bar President Chaudhry Zulfikar Ali, who read out the declaration, said the lawyers expressed solidarity with the decisions of the judiciary and condemned the uncalled for criticism as well as remarks ridiculing judicial verdicts.Calling for implementation of the court decisions, the declaration said they should be adhered to in letter and spirit.In case the president, the prime minister and the cabinet ministers did not implement the decisions, country’s solidarity and even the Constitution would be in jeopardy, the declaration said.The lawyers said the restoration of NATO supplies would be against the country’s sovereignty. Such a step would be a serious crime, especially when the US was not tendering apology over the Salala attack, it added.Growing unemployment, lawlessness, terrorism, loadshedding and price-hike were condemned in strongest terms, and the participants urged the rulers to give the people the right to life.The convention lauded the media’s role in the movement for the restoration of judges. It said the lawyers and media were still united to defend the judiciary and would not support any unconstitutional measure.The convocation urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to fill all vacant posts of judges without delay.The lawyers severely criticised Aitzaz Ahsan and called for his accountability. They said Mr Ahsan’s utterances against the judiciary were aimed at justifying the money he had received from the rulers.The participants called upon the Punjab government to allocate in the next budget funds for the district and tehsil bars. Otherwise, they said, the provincial government would also have to face a movement.