ISLAMABAD - The first term exams have started in different schools of the twin cities and the students are facing difficulties in preparations due to frequent power outages.

Like other parts of the country, power outages in Rawalpindi and Islamabad have become unbearable for the students especially when they are preparing for exams. With the advent of summer season, loadshedding hours have increased that disturbed the study routine.

The first term exams are on-going in various institutions and the students are suffering because they are unable to focus on studies. Frequent load-shedding turns bright days and nights into darkness and students wait for the light to return so they can resume their studies.

“It is very difficult to concentrate on studies during frequent loadshedding and I fear that my results will be affected, if the situation continues,” Amir, a student in a Rawalpindi school, said.

“We are facing 18 hours daily loadshedding these days and there is no electricity to even charge the UPS”, he said. Shakeel, a father, said “My children are worried about their first term exams. If the present situation continues it will definitely affect their grades”.

Frequent breaks in study due to loadshedding during exams causes wastage of time, he said. Besides affecting studies, the loadshedding has also created disturbance in family get togethers and mostly people avoid evening functions due to unscheduled power outage.

The worst situation of loadshedding has badly affected the lives of people and only benefitting the manufacturers and sellers of emergency lights, candles, generators and Uninterrupted Supply Systems (UPS).