MIRPUR (AJK) :The WAPDA has planned to fill the raised Mangla Dam upto its maximum level of 1242 feet this year, said WAPDA Chairman Shakil Durrani here. The standard operating procedure in this regard has already been approved by the Federal Government, said Shakil Durrani during a briefing to AJK President Sardar M Yaqoob Khan and PM Ch Abdul Majeed regarding the Mangla Dam Raising Project.

Shakil said the Mangla Dam Raising Project costing about Rs 97 billion would significantly contribute towards socio-economic development of the country, as it would store additional 2.9 million acre feet of water besides generating 644 million additional units of electricity annually from the existing Mangla Power Station. Additional benefits of the project have been estimated at Rs 18 billion per annum, he added. He said the affectees of the project had been compensated through an unprecedented compensation and resettlement package.