As a Pakistani living overseas, I am pained to see Pakistan sliding down to yet newer lows of the world opinion. While I am not privy to the details of Dr Afridi’s case, I find it strange that my country is punishing the doctor for helping the Americans find Osama bin Laden. As a Pakistani who suffered the consequences of anti-Muslim backlash against Bin Laden’s terror, I had no love lost for Bin Laden and am glad he was finally taken out. He caused enough damage to Pakistan and Muslims the world over, and was certainly an enemy of Pakistan. It was a shame for Pakistanis, like myself, to learn that he was found in Pakistan, and that too in Abbottabad. Rather than finding answers to some tough questions about how he was able to live in Pakistan for so many years, and who all helped and supported him, the government of Pakistan, with its misplaced priorities, is dodging the real issue and simply going after Dr Afridi. Sure, he helped the Americans, but sentencing him paints Pakistan as a Bin Laden supporter and makes us seem like the real terrorists. I have stopped feeling bad for the deplorable public opinion of Pakistan (at least in the US), as we seem to do this on purpose for misguided local political gains.


Washington, May 24.