GENEVA/OSLO - Norway has raised the issue of Jammu and Kashmir at the 13th session of the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group which is being held in Geneva (from May 21st to June 4th) during which the next group of 14 States will have their human rights records examined under this mechanism. The group of States to be reviewed by the UPR working group during this session are Bahrain, Ecuador, Tunisia, Morocco, Indonesia, Finland,UK, India, Brazil, Philippines, Algeria, Poland, the Netherlands and South Africa. Norway was the only country that mentioned Jammu & Kashmir in the current session questioning India and urging it to repeal AFSPA and Public Safety Act.Meanwhile, Kashmir-Scandinavian Council (KSC) Executive Director Sardar Ali appreciated the Norwegian Ambassador in Geneva for urging Government of India to consider repealing the AFSPA and Public Safety Act. He said that Norway has shown, once again, that it always stands alongside oppressed people no matter what their race, caste, color or religion.He said that Jammu and Kashmir has been the focus of world attention for over half a century. He said that resolution of the Kashmir conflict is the only key for lasting peace in South Asia. Without resolution, the arms race will never stop, he added.This is why Norway, alongwith other countries, needs to engage and encourage all parties to resolve this issue, he said.He said that it is equally important to mention the great contribution of Chairman Barrister Majid Tramboo alongwith his team from Kashmir Centre Brussels and Professor Nazir.