RAWALPINDI – District Coordination Officer and District Executive Officer, Rawalpindi, have taken notice of the decline in the overall performance of the educational institutions of Rawalpindi. According to details, DCO, Rawalpindi and DEO Rawalpindi have taken into consideration the complaints against officials of Education department who have shirked their responsibilities.

Seven AEOs and heads of 71 schools have been asked for giving explanation for the matter.  The heads of schools and Deputy DEO have come at daggers drawn with each other as a result of the whole scenario. Anxiety has been noted in education circles of the city.

The supporters of respective AEOs and those of deputy DEOs have started giving statements against one another.  According to sources, in the annual and monthly reports about the performance of educational offices and that of the teachers, district Rawalpindi was rated at number 3, but now it has reached number 9.

The officials of educational department were highly concerned regarding the matter.

DCO Rawalpindi, Qazi Zahoor Haq asked for the list of the officers responsible, and asked for explanation.

Deputy DEO, Iffat Shaheen, demanded the said AEOs that they should perform their duties responsibly in order to maintain the rating of the district’s educational institutions, while AEOs had the complaints Iffat Shaheen was strict enough and she also misbehaves.

As a result of the conflict, the matter reached high officials of education department. Moreover, a committee has also been formed to present reports of the matter in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Deputy DEO has sent a report to the high officials about the performance of the subordinate AEOs giving way to cold war between the supporters of AEOs and deputy DEO. DEO elementary, Naseem Altaf was of the view that the conflict came to her in form of an application, the issue is being investigated and its findings will soon be brought on the scene.