Renowned nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that Pakistan has the capability to shoot down unmanned surveillance drone aircrafts adding that the country is facing internal threats rather than external.

Talking to a private TV channel on Monday he said that they had built missile in Kahuta some 15 years ago which have the capability to shot down drone aircrafts.

Dr. A.Q Khan said the Army has taken oath for the security of borders but what is the use of oath if violation of border continues.

“Zia ul Haq was a dictator but he was a patriot ruler of Pakistan and current rulers are corrupt and robbers”, he stated.

Dr. A.Q Khan said, “Pakistan’s defence look very impenetrable externally, but it is vulnerable internally due to the internal situation of the country, we had planned that nation would focus on progress, education and industrial advancement but rulers have plundered the public property for many years”.

“Even having nuclear capability, it is a wrong perception that we can not take action against the United States, England or France because we have accumulated nuclear system against India”, he said.

He stated the green passport had respect across world in the past but nowadays it does not have any value.