RAWALPINDI - Office-bearers of Staff Union, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), has called for a handsome increase in the salaries and conveyance allowance of RDA employees, in order to relieve them from rising inflation-rate.

The union has demanded a 100 per cent increase for the workers of RDA, in view of a 400 percent rise in the prices of basic necessities during the last few years.

Office-holders of the union expressed hopes that the government would make the last budget of its five-year tenure welcome and favorable for RDA workers.  

President Staff union, RDA, Khawaja Arshad Javed, Senior Vice President, Raja Khalil, Deputy General Secretary, Saqib Masood Mughal, and Finance Secretary, Amjad Satti, expressing the financial problems of their colleagues, said their income and allowances were not sufficient for their economic survival.

The Class-4 employees of Rawalpindi Development Authority, is suffering the scarcity of resources for a satisfactory living in an inflation-worn society, they added.

They made demand of a housing colony for RDA employees, increase in house-rent, subsidy in electricity bills, and free medical facilities with introduction of health insurance. 

The staff union also opposed the unjustified bureaucratic rule in the organisation. They asked for the rule of merit instead of favouritism, and formulation of a transparent policy for the organisation.