LAHORE  – The Punjab Agriculture Department has advised paddy growers to use recommended varieties to increase per acre production.

A spokesman of the department said on Sunday that Air-6, KS-282, KSK-133 and Nayyab Ari-9 should be sown till June 7 while Super Basmati till June 20.

He aid that Basmati-370, Basmati-385, Basmati Pak, Basmati-2000 and Basmati-515 should be sown from June 1 to June 20 so the crop could be saved from different diseases.

He said that Basmati-198 was suitable for Joka Sahiwal, Okara and in suburban areas and its sowing should be completed from June 1 to June 15.

The suitable time for sowing Shaheen Basmati is from June  15 to June 30, he added.